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  • Усилители мощности РЧ блоков. Информация. Расчет

    Компьютерное проектирование усилителей мощности (УМ, PA)

    1 . Circuit Sage's acprcalc.mcd (and pdf) a Mathcad routine which contains a collection of equations for finding ACPR from IP3 (and vice versa) of a power amplifier.  Based on Qiang Wu's paper.
    2. HP's Mathcad routines for power detectors and other RF circuits.
    3. Puff, $10 from Caltech.
    4. MultiMatch, $1250, a professional matching tool with modules for oscillator and power amplifier design.
    5.  Jim Tonne's class-E PA design tool.
    6. PACAD, by Fardi et. al., $339. Artech.
    7. Linear PA Design, by Nick Pothecary, $249.
    8.  Circuit Sage's classe.mcd (and pdf), a Mathcad 2001i routine which calculates the the matching network components for a class E PA, using several different algorithms.
    9. HbFree. Multitone harmonic simulator for mixers and PAs.
    10. triode1, DOS Class-A, AB & C PA tuned tank and pi_tank design.

    Компьютерное проектирование малошумящих усилителей (МШУ, LNA)

    1.  Circuit Sage's Nlnoise.mcd (pdf) and biasnoise.mcd (pdf). Routines to calculate noise figure increase due to bias noise mixing with jammer.
    2.  Circut Sage's powernoise.mcd (and pdf), a Mathcad routine which calculates the optimal source impedance trade-off of power and noise for a given S11.
    3.  Circuit Sage's noiseslides.mcd (and pdf), a slideshow on how to calculate the optimal source impedance and minimum noise for LNAs.
    1.   Good ol SPICE:  I like SpectreRF, but it's very expensive: $100k+/yr.
    4.  Microwave Office, and Voltaire XL from Applied Wave Research.
    5.  APLAC
    6.  Agilent's EEsof, RF design software.
    7.  Eagleware's Harbec, a harmonic balance simulator.

    8. uhf_ampl.mcd, Roald Maximo's UHF amplifier design using S-paramters.
    9.  Ludwig Reinhold's very good microwave notes and m-files.  A good substitute for Besser's RFI course.

    Статьи по проектированию малошумящих усилителей (МШУ, LNA)

    1.  John Wetherell's wideband distortion analysis.
    2. Ian Purdies amplifier design one, two, three, four and buffer articles. 
    3. A 1.9 GHz LNA, class project by Jerome Ny et al.
    4. CDMA LNA Design by Jarek Lucek.
    5. Stanford CMOS LNA notes.
    6. Ernie Kim's microwave design class notes.
    7. William Dorsey's Mathcad routine for LNA design.
    8. Rainer Kraus' article on CMOS gate noise modeling for LNAs.
    9. Cong Liu et. al. article on CMOS LNA optimization.
    10. An old article on CMOS LNA design by C.S.Kim et. al.
    11. LNA design tool for MDS from Artetronics.
    12. Maxim LNA and PA application notes.
    13. Tutorial on LNA design by John Wetherell.
    14. Tom Lee's transceiver design class notes.
    15. Motorola application note 423A, FET Amplifer Design.
    16. Agilent article on LNA design. large file.
    17. CMOS LNA and noise by Filanovsky, part of microwave class.
    18. Philips article on CDMA LNA design.
    19. TX-RX LNA Cross modulation in IS-95 by Samsung.
    20. WCDMA LNA linearity requirements by Infineon.
    21. National application note on mixer and LNA design.
    22. LNA and Mixer Design by Anna-Karin Stenman.
    23. Good noise notes from Georgia Tech 4391 class.
    24. EEsoft articles on LNA and PA design.

    Основы РЧ дизайна

    1. WPI's RF design class notes.
    2. HP's AppCAD, free routine for a variety of RF circuit design needs.
    3. IP3 measurement article by Bob Myers.
    ESSCIRC website.  Many articles on PA and LNA design. Very good.
    5. NEC Research Index.  Many good papers on LNA/PA design.  Extremely good.
    6. PA linearization overview by Joel Dawson.
    7. IP3 and dynamic range discussion.

    Статьи по проектированию усилителей мощности (УМ, PA)

    1.  PA output power vs. load impedance by Dr. Bingo.
    2. Class E PA design by David Choi and Stephen Long.
    3. Class E PA design by C. K. Chan.
    4. CMOS Class E PA design by Martin Tsai.
    5. CMOS Class E PA design by Koen Mertens.
    6. Class E PA design by David Choi.
    7. Nathan Sokal's (inventor of class E) PA design class.
    8. Avtech's article on "Use of Nonlinear Capacitance in Class E PAs"
    9. Stanford CMOS PA papers.
    10. An old Motorola article on BJT layout.
    11. PA design article by Mayer and Arthaber.
    12. UCLA wireless papers.
    13. Sekhar Narayanaswami's M.S, Thesis on a DECT PA.
    14. CMOS PA design 1 and part 2 by Filanovsky, part of microwave class.
    15. Linearized PA for EDGE, N. Troedsson.

    Книги по УМ и МШУ

    1. RF Power Amplifiers, Mihai Albulet, $75, 1884932126.
    2.  RF Circuit Design II:  Active Circuits and Systems,  A Besser book, $109, 1580535224, Artech.

    3.  RF Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications, Steve C. Cripps, Very good text for learning the interesting details of power amplifiers. $99, Advanced PA Design Techniques, $99.
    4. Small Signal Microwave Amplifier Design, Theodore Grosch. 188493206, $69.
    RF CMOS Power Amplifiers, Hella, $105, Kluwer, 1402073569
    6. High Linearity RF Amplifier Design, Peter Kenington, $109, 1580531431. Artech

    . Distortion in RF Power Amplifiers, Joel Vuolevi, $89, 1580535399, Artech
    8.  Design of Linear RF Outphasing PAs, Zhang et al., $89, 1580533744, Artech.
    . Power Amplifier Design, from Applied Microwave and Wireless, $30, 1884932266.
    10. Small-Signal Amplifier Design, from Applied Microwave and Wireless, $30, 188493224X.

    Last update on 04/23/2008

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